Obedience Trainers


Lou Jackson

Obedience Trainer

I have been a dog-trainerholic for 35 years, starting with a very naughty Labrador before having my first border collie and getting hooked on the breed.

At the moment I work a 4 year old border collie called Tipple who is C only.

My greatest achievement to date was winning Crufts Obedience Championships in 2002 with my lovely girlie, Alice. I have been associated with Lichfield DDTS for 30 years in different capacities and at the moment I am the Training Co-Ordinator and Instructor on Monday nights. Lou.


Shirley Owen

Obedience Trainer

I have been training dogs for about 30 years and have trained 5 of my dogs to Championship C level.

In 2009 I was fortunate to compete at Crufts in the Obedience Championships with my wonderful dog Copper but unfortunately he died a few weeks later after he went into a coma (he had epilepsy). So I picked myself up and now have Teddy working Championship C. Dog.

Training is a fabulous way to develop your relationship with your dog, its good fun and you make lots of friends too!


Margaret Pugh

LDDTS Treasurer & Obedience Trainer

I have been competing in obedience for over 20years. I have recently retired my 8 year old working sheepdog Tally. I had been competing with him for 6 years and was working him at C when he retired.

I am now competing with my young working sheepdog Danny. Danny is working A and B at the moment.
My other family dogs are Bryn, Tommy and Tilly.

I am currently enjoying teaching the introductory class for Competitive Obedience on a Monday nights 7.30pm to 8.30pm.