Agility trainers


Anna Allan

Agility Trainer

I first joined L&DDTS in 2006 when I first had a little rescue Patterdale Cross Terrier called Jess. She was very nervous and scared of people as well as dogs so thought some basic training would benefit her. We were then introduced to the agility section and after a few years of further training we started to compete at KC shows.

I have been the agility co-ordinator for approximately 5 years now running the agility section as well as being a committee member. I would highly recommend that all people who own a dog do some basic obedience with them and join their local club for advice and guidance.


Stephanie Wilkinson

Agility Trainer

Steph started agility with her first dog Jaxx in 2011 and is one of our newest trainers.

Steph and Jaxx have had a very successful start to their agility career, qualifying for a number of finals including the Kennel Club Olympia Novice Agility Stakes in London. They are now competing at Grade 7.

Steph also trains three other dogs, Amber, her Mom’s dog, who is competing a Grade 5, Storm who loves the social aspect of agility, and her newest dog Juno who she rehomed at the age of 11 months.


Jason Rogers

Agility Trainer

Jason has been training his dogs for 8 years, starting with Gromit. He competes with his brittany spaniel Beauchien and have been working togther for 3 years and competing for 2 at Kennel Club and BAA, he’s recently welcomed a border collie puppy to the family Jagger and hoping he takes to agility like beau has.
He has been training agility since last year and is thoroughly enjoying helping and watching the dogs progress